Mine Eyes

Sing forth the treasons, the seasons have been sung long before revolting – D minored the winter, G majored the spring… Beh, the seasons never heard these grovelling breaths, but sucked them deaf up. Give lung to the unbreathed rumors squat below the bridge, these tumors unskinned, revealed pulsing on our red, white – blue […]

On Stillness and Turbulence

At the still axis of revolution, about which our tortures churn, the pure and toddler self remains, present and young, uncoiled, unlearned. Such that a top, spinning, poised gyroscopic on a point, traces a path on a floor, spiraled to the delight of a child’s fresh gums attentive, must wobble in the end, must with […]

Plainsong #2 – a pastoral

Herefords lying down, asses to the wind – this bodes of rain. Cloud gray and anvil, clobber shot and some ways off, a cliff falls precipitous. There’s manure in the air because it’s November and the harvest is in. There’s manure in the air for the fields need a feed before snow tangles the greeds […]

A Hunger Assuaged

Come to me vagrant, O Death: starved of bone, starved of lung, dime-eyed and savage. Do not come to me gorged and gorgeous, for it is only when you have known true hunger, withered to a stalk, submitted to beggary and stale breads, you may come to my door, my table. It will be then, […]


Burnt in the steam of crab, there was no in your eyes. There was no on your fingers, peeling the apron, splitting the shell, scraping the devil, digging the claw for meat. I found someone came like a mallet, but it was you walked away, bored in youth, bored in the shell of love, met […]

Now Wed November

Another month, I love you: those herringbone eyes, those winks of lace that stutter the sky beguile. I was all in your palms then, held fast and humid, perched on a breath, on your low-hilled lips. But I was green then and letched, inept to your thirty forms of love, adept at drinking your thirty […]

Two for the Tiller

Alarm snatched pennies from my eyes, slapped snooze three times but morning comes a’ wailin’. Didn’t know I was alive, but the dog is twitchin’ at my thighs, all welp and runnin’. There be copper on the rise, uvula flap like some storm, insecure, screenin’ gnats and punch moth. There might be coffee and two […]