Winter Kill

It is 4 a.m.,and a black dog breakscrust on old snow – stumbles.And a full moon loomsto reveal just easta crackling of limbs felledby gathered frosts and westa barn owl arcs silent – a slurryof cream, hunger and brownwinter kill hovered and plungedby moon and yellow porchlight.A black dog stiffens and sniffs –limbs give no […]

Come April

If not for the haircaught in the cornerwhere the broomcannot reach,I would never knowthat you were here. And if not for the cornerwhere the broomcannot reach –if not for the mouldingthat pinned it –if not for the walland the ceiling’s crease –if not for the raftersand shingles,there we would be no hair. And if not […]

The Yellow Bucket

The ape of reason wakesinside the primate house –throws shit at the glass,at the gawking apparitionswhose eyes align with hisbut for a few seconds,his brow-heavy facegrafted to theirs. And he waits, waitsfor he that drags the yellowbucket, stuffed with limp greens,sprung grain and stink meat –the feast before a king,the grace of drab charity,there in […]

The Werecat and I – a dream rendered

A shadow fell upon my sheeted crown,and she whispered, “It is time, my bonny, it is time.”And when I rose, a linen for cloak,I stood shoeless on a cobbled road,squeezed on a Georgian lane,where tight faces hid behind tight curtains,dim shadows in gaslightwith green and scurvy eyes. With her palm light-pressedat the base of my […]

On Cloud and Hope

Bringers of rain and scour –Bringers of harvest and deluge,drift gently over this land,We beg you!We know not the grain of our toil,though we furrow the soilwith thick dumb handsonly to scream at our nailsprised from our fingertips. Is it not enough to put seed before youand hope? Is it not enough to visionfat larders […]

January 31, 2020

Mark this day, young friends,for there upon the hill,stripped and barren,stars no longer claim the sky,but are trodden in mudand rasping coin. Mark this day,for when you wake,unbridled on the crest,a scurrilous beastshreds all hope and takesa dream to its teeth And vomits a nightmare. Young friends, prepare.For what is now unleashedfrom its pitted, rusted […]

The Diminishing Dot

A Boeing occults Betelgeuse,red left and running,and an arrow loosedfinds not its mark.And in the green flickers,banked to a bull,some pink ears popand the belts stay locked. They’re always leaving,they in the vapors,they in the tubes,they strung betweenfutures and blues,plugged up in departuresand thus suspended,held there in grace –such grace – As Mercury crests the […]