For A Day Not Yet Come

I’ll send daisiesbecause they’re already dead,bias cut for a fewlast capillary pullsof aspirin-tinged water –soon to cataract, milkyin a leadcrystalvase. These are no “love me’s” or“Love me nots”.These are from he who knowsnot love, but beauty – decay. My darling little Aster,this is the day of your death,another year counted,backward from a birth,as each petal […]

The Sojourners

I dream houses.I dream small roomsbehind small doorsin which small wardrobeslead nowhere but trappingsof our mangled time –of yours and mine. I dream chimney fires,tongues between wallsand curtains hung like tar.We were never longin the vapors, strangers yes,but a lope of gray shoulderand a turning was you, I am sure,everturning and blue. I find you […]

Angle of Incidence

What can I say?I was a bad sunrise,quick scudded to cloudand withholding. Look at it this way,it was a great dayfor pictures,unshadowed,no hotspotsto burn awayin a dance. We were a functionreally, a shallowangle of incidence,a glancing blow,mathematic,not prismatic,no split beam,just one garishmorning thing, and a slowovercasttrundleto a setting. Image: Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash

Ocean City

Some dim tide strode the beach pelican, had quarters for eyes, and a gull’s sense for scavenge. I found pearls under the boardwalk, but they were just butts and hunks of abalone caught up in the pushing. The skeeball racked out addicts like melamine and spent rubbers, but we were young then, not known for […]

Splattershot #4

On the face of it is a mountain. Below that, orange sinus. And in the long drip of it, down to the lip of it, a snot thing crawls. But I took it on the chin, lurching up to the clime where leaves resolve to needles, and the white cliffs fall like beetles in a […]

And Just How Many

How many schisms does it take to change a light bulb, that gray irritant in the shade, that fray behind diffused glass, incandescent once, but burned, but burned out? Twist the screw, damn you, dare you take the damn thing out and pop it on the floor, such joyous crack, this glass ever thin, this […]

A Crow on the Road

I ain’t seen no crow do no killin’, never in a day. Shit, they ain’t even a squabble. I seen a lot a’ crows on a lot a’ roads, courteous as squaredance, bobbin’ over coon, skunk, whatever red, always cool to clear the way and wait fer a passin’. I ain’t seen no dead crow […]