The Felling

When the lastsoftpoplarfell,and the bluejays - the bluejays -rolled out; When the mangled nestspilled outthese mouths,these bentfeatheredtufts; When the chainsaw stilledits shriek and whir; When thick air closedabout us; When the larger jaysswept off the elmand veined away -blue lines on a blue sky,blue abandon in a blueeye; It was then,in the clearing of dead... Continue Reading →

The White Forbiddance

Come winter the woods will forget my boots, Expunge my passage, deny me familiar, As if I never traveled there, climbed there The oaks, as low birches lurch among The poisons - ivy and sumac. And how is it that the sun finds blockage There, but not the muting snow, unbroken Over the bones of... Continue Reading →


Cloud came no closer than that, but I tried. Emboldened and primate I tried. Scurried up the elm to bring night closer. But the limbs got thinner, thinner there and sapling. Shit, the stars are wounds, and the moon's a gaping. And what swoons below is a lark, a laugh and a flaking, like skin... Continue Reading →

Stands the Maple

Saps run before the weathers - hordes of sugar in the root - what little stays - thin and capillary, above ground, contests the filigreed fingers of water with denser sweets. And thus, unleaved and nude, what to the eye appears barren, rude to the dog-eyed sun, summer nests exposed as frail, stricken to bone... Continue Reading →

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