Underneath the Echo

It’s like blow in a hollowlike didgeridoo —a coo into madnesslow slung lowhammock of an old song— numb, the breeze of hercool like swallow Come songCome song come gut come loose stringCome song come song come home song She tap in the windowsmear in the middensdrop dead arterial — right nowwheezing in a pumpmumbling in... Continue Reading →

Brief Narcissus

You want cool light —Black light leopard light?Acid light? Tape velvet to a crane then —lift up a lump anddrop it in the tub.Soap ring don’t rise,never did. Dropped anvil from a ledge once,It was my body, my body —the whip rush slab watersting body —nobody saw the splash body. And when I climbed back... Continue Reading →

To the Laureate

Such applause — the revelation,the confession — the renamingof Betelguese as a wife’s black eye. Would that I spelled my name proper,that I, once told and brief forgottencould achieve such bandaleered laurels, as to divest with certain and grimexposition, the foibles — the guts of it —capered and rinsed, full well knowing the paintthat hides... Continue Reading →

Now, in Delirium

A note,scribbled in deliriumtells more than a pottered trope. So, here, in a moment of tyranny,I will say, and with all fervententropy, that I am dying. I cannot take your hand,your breath, your sorrow, I cannot stand on a wispof love, like some greatSlambini, born to the rope,born to the pole. If you need a... Continue Reading →

The Moon Comes Quickly

This is a chair.It is oak, and the joints are loose —they pop. But the stain is pristine. And this is a chair:snow and cherry,they fall — these blossoms. And this is a chair —the spillway humsin the windbreak. This is a table —cherry and threepheasant smudge the rise. And this is a table:dry shoes... Continue Reading →

Lament for Monday the 13th

Nobody cried for Monday,turned thirteen, born badThey saydragged up by the hairby the neck They sayshove it in our faces They saywag it like villain like mangelike toxinspat clean outta Sabbath Monday moon is doll moondead eye slim moonblack marble moontarot moon Day of wandsDay of swordsDay of cups hanged menand charged women The docket’s... Continue Reading →


Like this not thisLike false echoPhantom limbLike tickLike eyelid tickingNot thisLike grain like siloLike slopeLike augerLike this not thisLike slum cake muldoonLike thisLike plasterLike tickLike swallowLike heartbeatLike pulseLike violetVioletViolet Image: Dominik Scythe on Unsplash

Before Coffee – a dream montage

i read The Ocean,             once,     it was enough. i scratched its name — your name         on  a napkin and wiped my mouth — your mouth mouth for a table             eye for a cleat hand through a window             dog in the street like pavement... Continue Reading →


Salt,like a womblike half a woundcakedaround a guttedscaled salmon. And salmon,the red half of living,caked in salt,downriver,down oven, before the claw,before the causeway,before the rare preferredflake. And flake,crystalline,salt and hard water,fleshtender as forksmisguidanceand salvation. Image: Saskia T. on Unsplash

Elastic and Bound

None the wiser, trampolined pigsdisgorge the sty, and all the rocky run steam,swirled in basins, churned in the mud of the Missouri ormisery or the confluence of all them slumtacks dulled in a stream - up there - not North -not skybound like frogspring - but face firstin sweltered weltered fate. We stay up latefor... Continue Reading →

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