Perhaps it is patience,or the slow digestthat lures me to a web. Perhaps it is stillnessand those eight black eyesof a widow’s watch. For nothing runs in the hourglass,no sand, no blood –all things are stilled. As she waits for eons,we have only days,between a love and a winding, And as each swept threadclings to […]

Araneus Trifolium

Then again next Summer –next wet, fat, loud Summer,I may find on a spider’s loom,the fly that tormented the windowall through Winter, Spring,released in the first airing –when mud and manurewafted like mutton, like cabbage,like all the bitter greens and old meatsthat stink a house lockedagainst the weathers. She’s the yellow of melons –all hunger […]

The Surrogate

Was thinking of you as I pissed the chardonnay out, black exile to sewage. Was thinking of you and the trusts – thrice taken that garner no warmth, but shudder my torso in the steam of it. And then, Soft-bodied and filament, a spider reared up, pin-legged, from behind the tank, and topped the unset […]