It’s that black-eyed farmhouse —foursquare and stone,down by the silo, half-chumped,at the butt end of a stubbed out town,just north of the brashlight interchange,north of the hotels, north of the pumps,ticking like stocks, like futures,southbound, transient, flashed all dayas burgers and bets, as cordwood —five dollars a bundle — that mocksall chips stacked against ruin.... Continue Reading →

Down at the Grocery

After the pops we watched,from the window. Rabidor not, the raccoon flailedlike ribbons on a demo fan,life pushed out like pulled airin the driveway. Two morefrom the cop to secure an end,a spectacle, a gathering.Five cracks in the drivewayto bring the neighbors outfor a killing. The mowers wind down.We watched in awe the lastfew pulses... Continue Reading →

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