There are big words forbig ideas — but,there are small wordsfor everything else,like face, like eye, like lip.Like quiver and tear,there are small sounds,both long and short-waved, pronouncementsinto the flesh of things,like shrug and turnedaway. There is goneand pang and thunder,not fully summedin squandering, andhalf-lived in regret,as if chained was littlemore than an entry,some fiscal... Continue Reading →

The Upstairs Window

I am the dim lightin the upstairs roombehind the curtain. I am not the shadowpassed before it,nor the shadethat funnels it down. No — I am the lurethat tempts a haunting. I am the quarteryou hid in your shoe,the dollar you stolefrom her purse. I am lie and smallbetrayal. I amthe day she walkedaway from... Continue Reading →

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