Last Night (through the windows)

Venus,the vivacious fool,giddy with the huntchased the sunlike a loose balloonover the treetops,over the long bare rise,the string,just out of reach. And in the east,brazen with a honed moonrisen, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars,one by one, eachastride a saddle of cloud. That is what I sawthrough my kitchen windowslast night, as the dog slept;as my wife twitched... Continue Reading →


For three days running,the red lights tickedas I crossed the tracks,and no train be coming. Each day I slow a bit moreas if some switch were thrown,as if some premonitionovertakes the automatic, To permit the freightsa right of way.But perhaps the freightsrun perpendicularto the tracks there,below the bald humpof a weathered rise,down where deer boneswash... Continue Reading →

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