January 31, 2020

Mark this day, young friends,for there upon the hill,stripped and barren,stars no longer claim the sky,but are trodden in mudand rasping coin. Mark this day,for when you wake,unbridled on the crest,a scurrilous beastshreds all hope and takesa dream to its teeth And vomits a nightmare. Young friends, prepare.For what is now unleashedfrom its pitted, rusted... Continue Reading →

Imagining a Girl

She had a long bore smile, a smoker's laugh, and a posture born of whips and taking it. She had a red onion mind, a carrion wit, three prison-ink vines on her hip. Her scent - a pudding of ash and caramel, hints of road slag, burnt rubber and mint. She'll cut your face for... Continue Reading →

At the hands of poisoned ivy

That vile stench has risen once more. Fields lain fallow with ash and bones,that last witness buried, now bleach intolerant, take to their long and dormant seed, revive a reviled germination and brute harvest, heedless of the hand, the plow, the urgent need of remembrance grown. In sanguine rain through sag wire, this clod dirt... Continue Reading →

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