The Werecat and I – a dream rendered

A shadow fell upon my sheeted crown,and she whispered, “It is time, my bonny, it is time.”And when I rose, a linen for cloak,I stood shoeless on a cobbled road,squeezed on a Georgian lane,where tight faces hid behind tight curtains,dim shadows in gaslightwith green and scurvy eyes. With her palm light-pressedat the base of my... Continue Reading →

Some Thoughts on a Blizzard

It is not the sapling or bit snowthat scrapes the window, coaxing,Come out little boy, come out -Come out where the sting wind blowsCome out where the wind plays a saplingas a rube to scratch its bidding on a window.That little life left tight against the foundationmissed in the pruning now the dim wittedaccomplice to... Continue Reading →

Mara – Rendering a Dream

Tobacco tar walls, Resin ceiling, Dun carpet floor - all receding - creased receding to the elevator door - and the doors - the doors - the endless doors repeating. I drop a penny. I squat but it's tails. I look up at a girl looking up. Her hair is black, tangled comely. She has... Continue Reading →

A Dream Rendered

I am late for work again, but the tub is full of orange water rising into towels wicking orange water. I fumble in the tub for the drain plug chain and pull. I am late for work again, but the party is on and Jared has a milk moustache. But he's tugging a seven and... Continue Reading →

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