Angle of Incidence

What can I say?I was a bad sunrise,quick scudded to cloudand withholding. Look at it this way,it was a great dayfor pictures,unshadowed,no hotspotsto burn awayin a dance. We were a functionreally, a shallowangle of incidence,a glancing blow,mathematic,not prismatic,no split beam,just one garishmorning thing, and a slowovercasttrundleto a setting. Image: Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash

Two for the Tiller

Alarm snatched pennies from my eyes, slapped snooze three times but morning comes a’ wailin’. Didn’t know I was alive, but the dog is twitchin’ at my thighs, all welp and runnin’. There be copper on the rise, uvula flap like some storm, insecure, screenin’ gnats and punch moth. There might be coffee and two […]