Winter Kill

It is 4 a.m.,and a black dog breakscrust on old snow - stumbles.And a full moon loomsto reveal just easta crackling of limbs felledby gathered frosts and westa barn owl arcs silent - a slurryof cream, hunger and brownwinter kill hovered and plungedby moon and yellow porchlight.A black dog stiffens and sniffs -limbs give no... Continue Reading →

The Tethered Moon

To give us naught but bleak display,To say, to say,Love has never tethered moonThat way,That heather never blooms but braysTo drop the stars in sage and grays. And in this flash hewn verdance sent,Aghast the sea in violet vent,Abhors the virgin-singed regret,This skirmish lost though never met. And where upon a furrowed leaf,The miner enters... Continue Reading →

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