Away My Love

Come away.Come away and slurinto hovelling gray,away from the heatshummed low - away. Come, let us carrythis mute owl nightfar from burgeoning day -away - far from the furyof gospel - far -far from the scurryof commerce - away, Into some bold and barrenmoon scraped glen,smoothed with teeth and talonand then, away - awayinto the... Continue Reading →

The Sheared-off Pin

The pin is broken,And the wheel has slipped from the rod.The mechanics of our passageAre broken now,And all our worldly venturesHave spilled out onto the ground:Her red backed Bible,Your cast-iron pans,The lens we used to burn down ants.All there in the muck:My bad corduroy pants.Jerseys of just so muchVictory - and victoriesCounted large thoughLying there... Continue Reading →

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