Hope Refused

From once to somehow to somewhere,The brittle language of hope cracksBetween my teeth, much as iceCracks beneath my boots as I,Unhurried on a wax gibbous morn,Make my way to the car. For what is hope but an admissionThat what is is not enough. Take this -The assertion that on this day,In this winter, it is... Continue Reading →

Snow and Wind and Ice

Come all ye winter brigands,Strip these tainted fairland woodsOf their baubles and wares.Take what plump fruits remainIn glistened fists and bind,Bind the spruce tightly -Such prideful beasts these trees. Come mock these captive summers,Taunt them white in the forest,White in the glade and fled,To the shrill and fluted wind,To crackling beats on wire and limb.Such... Continue Reading →


If I gave thanks yesterday,must I do so today? If I gave thanks that the tiresheld traction, there on the black ice,unthrottled toward the jack-knifedsemi, folded in the median,thumping through clodsof thrown and frozen earth,would that be enough? Would it be enough to be gratefulfor the physics of glide,steer with the slide, after all,it was... Continue Reading →

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