The Sojourners

I dream houses.I dream small roomsbehind small doorsin which small wardrobeslead nowhere but trappingsof our mangled time –of yours and mine. I dream chimney fires,tongues between wallsand curtains hung like tar.We were never longin the vapors, strangers yes,but a lope of gray shoulderand a turning was you, I am sure,everturning and blue. I find you […]

Somewhere near Surf & Dockside

The roads here,rum tongued, black toothedand pitted, lead somewhere. I am sure that over the peak of it,splayed out like toes in dry sand,tractioned for tide, a florescence,maybe, maybe down in the abalone towns,the oyster shot towns – in The Mother of Pearl,where I met a guy,a guy named Reason,slim fingered and wrungout at last […]

Rendering a Dream #4 – a prose poem

Outside the house that’s never ours, down-slope and foundation, the faceless one in violet jacquard slid the stone away. And he was strong, by God, for he did it with a touch light as breath, light as fingernails and not a callous revealed a trade. Exposed and streak, some long and rodent thing, large as […]

Mara – Rendering a Dream

Tobacco tar walls, Resin ceiling, Dun carpet floor – all receding – creased receding to the elevator door – and the doors – the doors – the endless doors repeating. I drop a penny. I squat but it’s tails. I look up at a girl looking up. Her hair is black, tangled comely. She has […]

A Dream Rendered

I am late for work again, but the tub is full of orange water rising into towels wicking orange water. I fumble in the tub for the drain plug chain and pull. I am late for work again, but the party is on and Jared has a milk moustache. But he’s tugging a seven and […]