Shut-in with Dog

If I were a sunlit dog,I’d bask in the road,eat from your can,shit on your porch. If I were a sunlit dog,I’d be feral as cats,wily as ‘coons –the mouse that chews your cables. I’d be the aphids killing your roses,and the black ants herding them there. I’d be the deer, the pheasant,the skunk, and […]

Bella and the Wasp

Is it a greater mercyto pinch the injured waspbetween folds of two plyrather than let Bella, rousedin an ancient dance –paw and tap and bark and paw,committed to her brute dutyas guardian of the floorboards? Which is the lesser killing –quick death in the wrong abode, orthe slow denial of teeth and tongueprolonged in a […]

For Once…

…Sleep conjured a small dogwith a granite eye, mats and mange,Three legs and a vagrant tongueThat hung from the left of its snout,A viscous drool that strung withoutShame, without breaking to the floor.And I, though broken in a dream,Shorn of hands,Less a body than a thought,Became a dream for a stone-eye dogWho rolled belly up […]

A Moment Assured

Up there, in the brevities and rifting cloud something lures my eyes. For this dog is a blacker black than a slip moon night, but here, on this morn, the dim prevails. And the bending of wet leaves beneath her paws wager green hope, but they’re brown. I saw them yesterday. Yesterday, before the rain […]