Shut-in with Dog

If I were a sunlit dog,I’d bask in the road,eat from your can,shit on your porch. If I were a sunlit dog,I’d be feral as cats,wily as ‘coons -the mouse that chews your cables. I’d be the aphids killing your roses,and the black ants herding them there. I’d be the deer, the pheasant,the skunk, and... Continue Reading →

For Once…

...Sleep conjured a small dogwith a granite eye, mats and mange,Three legs and a vagrant tongueThat hung from the left of its snout,A viscous drool that strung withoutShame, without breaking to the floor.And I, though broken in a dream,Shorn of hands,Less a body than a thought,Became a dream for a stone-eye dogWho rolled belly up... Continue Reading →

A Moment Assured

Up there, in the brevities and rifting cloud something lures my eyes. For this dog is a blacker black than a slip moon night, but here, on this morn, the dim prevails. And the bending of wet leaves beneath her paws wager green hope, but they're brown. I saw them yesterday. Yesterday, before the rain... Continue Reading →

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