Ruminations of a Cook Between Rushes

Would that I never find a God or Gods,for that, that would end my faith. My faith -the certain unknowledge of knowinganything but the black ass of Jesus running away,laughing, leaving prints unpressed by wind,rain, and all things that erase a path - And the mocking torture of stigmata -welts and blister, scab and ointment... Continue Reading →

Cerebrum Mortuus

Smelted down,A pool of rendered gristle,Slick on the floor,That’s what a day leaves us, After the tethered heavesOf this most sought production,Blendered the dawn news,The hooved mews, cool dews,And all that smelled like gravy. A slump line to the drinkOf old business not attended,Piles as laundry, clean and otherwise,Crowding the table, the floor,And all the... Continue Reading →


It is the peeling that breaks me.It is the skin once a thin bastionagainst dirt, against mandible,against the boring small thingsthat blister the flesh, brown the pulp. And as I slide a blade into the onion,wincing in the sting of sulphur,these fumes of disdain, it yields,again and again, to the rocking steel,humming unto the butter... Continue Reading →

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