More than One Night at the Lincoln

Suzy knew I liked rye toast,buttered in the kitchen.She knew the over easy,hashbrowns and bacon, chewy. She knew, maybe smelled bad directionon my breath, bus fumes on my sleeves,lake sludge in my shoes. Maybe I wasn’t a great tipbut just another slapped sap in a booth,unsure of anything but a late night breakfast. Traffic was... Continue Reading →

Once Upon the Belmont Rocks

It was something else entirely.It was not the ripped yellow t-shirtI pulled from between the bouldersWhere the lake met Chicago.It was not the penny or the wastedGull feather. Nor was it the child’s shoeThat no longer flickered as she ran.It was not the rusted corkscrew thatFaintly read Jackson Hole, Wyoming,By the gold and chipped cowboy,Tall... Continue Reading →

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