Once the Pagans of Patapsco Wood

We laid snake bone by the rootsof the four trees fused at the waist. We dug tourmaline in the creekbed,dry that time of year and every yearbetween honeysuckle loam and wood rot. We sniffed skunk weed from the pitwhere the freakshow gathered and blazedup a bonfire tacked of pith and reeds,quick lit and soon extinguished.... Continue Reading →

Each – as a Spoke

Each,we carrythe full weight of heaven,the piled dust that probes a cloudand falls upon a lockunruly in a faint breeze. Are we the air orthe stroke that cleaves it?Who’s to know. Who’s to resist the gas pullof Jupiter on this morn, westrung out like bandsof flax and false renditionsof self and need as tautas the... Continue Reading →

Rise – a Waltz

Rise all you dead men and pound on your plots,Take to your saws and your fiddles, your pots;Take to your hammers and riddles and sighs;Bang out dirt music, pound the black skies. Dance with the vermin that scuttles the floor.Soft shoe the sand then cast up from the shore.Screech to deaf heaven the owl in... Continue Reading →

Light Provides It Time

Do not blame a shadow's silence nor the bark of the night side tree, lit by a moon now full but still, standing on the dark side we. Light was never yours nor mine to hold, and neither does the darkness hold what we will never know. Rally round the maypole boys, weave the ribbon... Continue Reading →

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