Of Dead Birds and Tongues

If I knew anything, like a dog's tail wags, like an iced wire sags, I would know a hard mouth stings. But there in the blaze of it, in that thick tongued moment, when your eyes glazed on a word, a dry twig snapped beneath a bird. And what fell there, what broke there, now... Continue Reading →

A Crow on the Road

I ain't seen no crow do no killin', never in a day. Shit, they ain't even a squabble. I seen a lot a' crows on a lot a' roads, courteous as squaredance, bobbin' over coon, skunk, whatever red, always cool to clear the way and wait fer a passin'. I ain't seen no dead crow... Continue Reading →

The Hawk and Paper Airplanes

I'd sooner fold airplanes than hummingbirds, crisp-crease the fuselage, blunt the nose for mass and pulling, right tension the wing for a bit curl and lift, turn up the rudder with a pinch. This I can muster. And though I can muster a glide depending, I've never mastered the birds, never tried. I spied a... Continue Reading →

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