Now Wed November

Another month, I love you: those herringbone eyes, those winks of lace that stutter the sky beguile. I was all in your palms then, held fast and humid, perched on a breath, on your low-hilled lips. But I was green then and letched, inept to your thirty forms of love, adept at drinking your thirty... Continue Reading →

In the Brisk and Soon Forbidding

Apple tree - drip candy from the highest bough. The last robins shit mulberry down. The woolybear wanders the pavements briefly, then recedes, stretched, compressed into a redemption of leaves. Rabbits are fat now and bounding. Squirrels have nuts in a bind, sequestered. But morning don't want me today. Airs gone thin to the bone.... Continue Reading →

A Harvest Rushed

Russet clouds of harvest dust run low in the gully, settle in the sand pits, settle on a tongue and choke the throats of a damp fall. And there, below the drying towers, propane men wink into ledgers, as the combines churn on - the grains still plump - stalk still green at the soils,... Continue Reading →

Birthed Bleak Into Morning

Black marble boy sleeps in a crate, up there, dank beyond the pink blue rooms infertile. Up there, below the ridge beam, pillowed as cake on paper plates, Black marble boy wets the morning. Cracked in the web and cardboard, the sooner suns, hard-tongued like cats to a grooming, divest a storming kestrel, Before which... Continue Reading →

Tiger Salamander

The cistern is dry, the iron lid sags on flaked brick, and a crater is forming there, in the yard where the held waters were. Inside, where the held waters were, shovel loads of dirt, ten seasons of leaves, gravel, broken glass, these things indeed crowd the plumbing. But there, atop the loose bracing fill,... Continue Reading →

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