Ruminations of a Cook Between Rushes

Would that I never find a God or Gods,for that, that would end my faith. My faith -the certain unknowledge of knowinganything but the black ass of Jesus running away,laughing, leaving prints unpressed by wind,rain, and all things that erase a path - And the mocking torture of stigmata -welts and blister, scab and ointment... Continue Reading →

The Watchmaker

No longer the measure mechanic, the setting lever and loosening coil. The need for fingers, precise, laying thin metals, tweezed gears and spring engineered in the knowledge of frictions, is gone and towered hands are still. What once was built entropic, cuffed about the wrists of us, this clutch wheel of grace and holding ring,... Continue Reading →

The Varying Wills

God willing, I'll find my own way down to the rust caverns, down to the dust and seared calcite, stressed and cleaved, God willing. And God willing I will make a trance of us, a Pan of us, all musics, impromptus and guile. God willing. And God willing we will take the rain in our... Continue Reading →


Fist upon the sun gods. Seek among the goddess earth. Chant and clang before icons: oh please, good fortunes, new birth and wealth. Sacrifice a goat - the blood will dry at the foot of the temple. The blood will dry and still no rain. Scream into the night for a pittance of hope demanded... Continue Reading →

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