Last Night (through the windows)

Venus,the vivacious fool,giddy with the huntchased the sunlike a loose balloonover the treetops,over the long bare rise,the string,just out of reach. And in the east,brazen with a honed moonrisen, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars,one by one, eachastride a saddle of cloud. That is what I sawthrough my kitchen windowslast night, as the dog slept;as my wife twitched... Continue Reading →

Each – as a Spoke

Each,we carrythe full weight of heaven,the piled dust that probes a cloudand falls upon a lockunruly in a faint breeze. Are we the air orthe stroke that cleaves it?Who’s to know. Who’s to resist the gas pullof Jupiter on this morn, westrung out like bandsof flax and false renditionsof self and need as tautas the... Continue Reading →

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