Now You Deign To Flicker

Polaris – you bastard – all that spinsresists you now. All that walksshall ne’er look to seek you tuckedbehind a maple sway. None that walkwill look upon the sky in harsh moonlightand cry, “Polaris, Oh, Polaris – where are you?Tether me thus that I shall not lose my way.” And yet you sit there – […]

Of Dead Birds and Tongues

If I knew anything, like a dog’s tail wags, like an iced wire sags, I would know a hard mouth stings. But there in the blaze of it, in that thick tongued moment, when your eyes glazed on a word, a dry twig snapped beneath a bird. And what fell there, what broke there, now […]

I Will Not End My Grief

Could there be a requisite span of mourning – some sentence meted out by the dead to be thrown black out into a day without – wistfully walking away? I picked a stone on a path as I thought of you. I picked a stone for my pocket, and there, in my pocket is my […]