Chop —

              the sky

and thumbtack             that

            arrogant wind that

marches down the street like a brass band

as trees dance mad till their spines

      snap giddy on the lawn

and the rain and all the barlight

soaking down from heaven is

ninety proof and oblique

                the power’s down

                    and the awning wags a rebuke

and when the clocks rise up

it’ll be noon again

noon again and flashing

                      red noon

how bright this one

oblivion            i rip the calendar

                      from the wall

              and it’s june again

in all the fat indigo

of high summer        i tell myself

it’s easiest to dream

when the breakwater breaks

and the tide rushes in       when joblessness

holds                      and

                    that thumbtack

 holds my place in it

Image: Photo by Ishan @seefromthesky on Unsplash

Published in: The Baram House, Issue 14:

8 Thoughts

      1. Thanks so much. Sorry I haven’t posted much of anything in awhile. All of recent stuff has been submitted to journals and most of the submission requirements demand that the work be neither in print or online. But I’ll get them up when published or when I give up on individual pieces.

      2. Thank you. You know, I miss the time during lockdown when I could devote myself more fully to blogging and reading and engaging with others. But, alack and alas, even as we assess or reassess what is important and urgent, bills still need to be paid.

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