from a mad engineer
a god jumbled fountain
tarnished with pennies
and concrete gutters raging off
cool waters from the city square
down through the grates
down to the subways in the lead
of our lives and cut through
the warehouse basements
of the garment district
then burbled again
to the well groomed parks
to the suburbs
and the friendliest dogs
then jerked back
to the slump towns
on the outskirts and the inskirts
where the poor kids uncap
the hydrants and stomp

Image: Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Published: Crosswinds Poetry Journal, Vol. 6, Fall 2021 — https://crosswindspoetry.com/extra-journals/

10 Thoughts

      1. To me you I felt you were using the water to show the contrast between the way societies are which greatly grieves me. Your poem is a very creative representation of this problem with the discrepancy between the wealthy and those who are very poor. ❤️Joni

      2. That is exactly it. A simple resource needed by all and yet funneled through those that would parse it out, the clean as leisure, the dirty as afterthought.


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