five months — a heartland reality

the feedlot down the road
keeps five hundred black cows
standing or lying in mud and manure
— caked hooves and coats

the producer loads a trough
concrete and a hundred feet long
with corn and silage his
loader loud and belching

there is pasture all around
this pure angus beef
and his stout red house
is old and recently sided

Image: Antonio Grosz on Unsplash

3 Thoughts

  1. dirty business for the cows. at least they have the luxury of laying in mud in open air. here in MI they keep them inside long factory farm buildings where they stand in their own waste until time to be slaughtered.

    1. being a meat eater, I have no moral authority on the issues that surround beef production. In this, I was hoping to balance out the picture by dividing the space equally between the cows and the producer.


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