As if one
would be enough — one
for the dead, one for the thanks
we never gave, one for the gift
no god would ever give and the obligation
to receive. How much is overlooked
for the better part of a year: Strewn

Day of the Beaver and Coon
Day of the Herringbone Sky
Day of the Loon and the Long
Northern Night

Day of the First Tear Remembered
Day of the Eye and all the Misled
First Day of Grief in a Bottle and Loss
First Day of Home and Vagrance

Last Day of Song

Day of the Keeper and Kept
Day of the Crept and the Breaking
of Bonds — Day of the Crumb
and the Rust and the Rust
and the Never Will Be Done

Image: Harishan Kobalasingam on Unsplash

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