This Liminal Space…

…Forgotten by design by
destination — arrival assumes
departure as beginning . the way
we joust from the womb headlong
tied though soon cut away . the way
we exit the car unstrapped . the plane
unbuckled moment we step through
and out . oblivious . our leaving
placental . one to the asphalt one
on the brake . each door consists
persists as an end and upon entry
we forget precisely
what we came here for . forget
the passing through . the warehoused
the slummed streak of each
fast road and the amniotic way
our heads pulse as we lunge
into gridlock . rage at all same
suffering . through the cervix
of our lives . to be born into
death as though the juncture
meant nothing at all.

Image: Harry Ghuman on Unsplash

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