A Given

It ain’t a stretch to say
the world got heavy when you were born,
when I was born. Two more torsos
stuffing the subway, two more fat
mouths to feed. Two more addictions.
Two more heartbreaks. Two more
cardboard totes full of junk
the world don’t need. Two more
know-it-alls. I don’t mean to diminish
but I mean to Diminish. I mean to get to nothing
at all. It’s gonna happen someday.

That’s a given.

Somebody the world don’t need
is gonna dovetail some plank
and stuff a heap of slag, a heap
of bone, pigiron and such
and shove it down, shove it
down to bedrock
with all the other things
the world don’t need, just
heavy enough to keep the crust
from flying off and spinning
up some hard new moons.

Image: Luke Stackpoole on Unsplash

5 Thoughts

  1. Hi Devon,

    I really enjoyed this trip away from the more obvious genres of Devon Brock pieces. It’s a forceful rant and rave against allowing our adopted planet to be destroyed way before the next ice age. It’s punchy and gutsy – great stuff and many thanks for it.

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