Like Loose Dogs

If you cannot, then you mustslip off the rim of your stout blue cup,run quicksilver on what can only be called toils,the twin toils of posture and tired gates,rustbound to a hinge - slim passage -the way mice flatten and slip into a cupboard,chew your rice, your wire, and every fiberof what was pantried, constant... Continue Reading →

Underneath the Echo

It’s like blow in a hollowlike didgeridoo —a coo into madnesslow slung lowhammock of an old song— numb, the breeze of hercool like swallow Come songCome song come gut come loose stringCome song come song come home song She tap in the windowsmear in the middensdrop dead arterial — right nowwheezing in a pumpmumbling in... Continue Reading →

Brief Narcissus

You want cool light —Black light leopard light?Acid light? Tape velvet to a crane then —lift up a lump anddrop it in the tub.Soap ring don’t rise,never did. Dropped anvil from a ledge once,It was my body, my body —the whip rush slab watersting body —nobody saw the splash body. And when I climbed back... Continue Reading →

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