Book of Truths

— for DM

Take every word
you cannot write — stare them
into the page. Take the page
to the tall mound above the pond.
Lift the stone I left there.

Lay the page on the book of truths,
and replace the rock. When it rains,
when the inks run down,
when the frogs breed, and the eggs
swell, the pond will bloom
with algae — with lilies.

Image: Jaleel Akbash on Unsplash

4 Thoughts

  1. Beautiful imagery and ideas Devon, it is an often used scheme to transpose difficult memories into objects..particularly things of beauty which occur in nature, it works. It is true that when I feel troubled I find peace in nature. So in that and many other ways the poem is perfect. Thanks.

    1. Thank you David. Your poem “Meat” made me think on traumas I lack the courage to tell. I believe it was Poe that wrote. pardon if I misquote, “the book of the heart cannot be written. The pages would burn with every stroke of the pen.” As I was driving past a particular hill, with a pond below, I thought perhaps there is a place we can put our traumas so that things may bloom from them, rather than let them torment us.


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