• Write long letters
    with a broke left hand
    to an address since demolished.
  • Read braille with your tongue.
  • Walk five miles on a game leg
    to a butte ten miles away.
  • Note the weather.
  • Call nine random strangers,
    tell them their mothers died,
    but you love them anyway.
  • Apologize for cruelty —
    blacken your own eye.
  • Drive until the gas runs out.
  • Throw rocks at sheet ice,
    enough to dig a hole, a deep hole.
  • Kiss her once more
    before she sleeps.
  • Sip arsenic for the last six days.
  • Fear something else.
    Death is so damn close I can almost
    chew its nails.

Image: Abbie Bernet on Unsplash

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