riff on a beam

Precarious, this light that hangs from a fissure,ties itself to a wet rail with a tendril and pulls,as if the nether side of a storm breaks,upturned and pillowed in a thimbleless pool. On the plains, shipwrecks poke their prows cotillion,sway in the studied drift of sorghum and wheatthreshed in the hoglight of another wet afternoon.But... Continue Reading →

spider in the bathtub

She hung there, below the silkwith a bundle. Later, a hunk below the faucetremained, drained and quite empty. My coat hangs on a hook,husked and silver-fishedon the thrash end of a string, raggedas ignorance and just as ill-cautioned. Too many turns, this earth,cloud-cocooned and sucked belowthe spindled legs of our mother. She waits there, black... Continue Reading →

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