Let One Skittish Robin

Approach the window.
Let one skittish robin trigger
a flock. Starlings, juncoes, jays,
a few gaunt sparrows will all
upon a shadow split, as if
among them a hawk had slipped.

It is morning again. Shake off
your red-tail night as they —
with chittered alarm, a fury of wings,
and all that vexed your harried sleep,
as you stare through a window,
will flee into faraway trees,
alight on long and distant wire.

2 Thoughts

  1. You really have a unique and masterful writing technique, every line feels so carefully crafted and honed. The imagery appeals to me particularly both as someone who is fascinated with birds but also more often than not ‘vexed’ in my ‘harried sleep’ by them. Excellent work.

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