Table Of Contents in a Book Unread

She Denies a Killing as Faith Presumes
And the Old Dogs Die
Three Books and a Shadow
On the Tower Overlooking the Churchyard
Migration and Other Foul Winds
In the Gamble of Savagery
Upturn Cans as Vandals Sack Rome
Like Emeralds in a Steel Mill
A Transplant / A Pining
The Vibration of Lilies
As All the Black Suns Spin
In the Tedium of Ballistics
And Another Love Falls in the Atrium
Light and Similar Irritants
Invade a Migrant Spine
Among Flutes, Bells and Dung
And All the Graves Were Dug By Hand
Once For a Cutting
A Static Call to Grief
As Red Things Lain in Sand
Recall —

an Epilogue

Image: Pierre Bamin on Unsplash

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