The Audit

I thought I had scurvy,turns out, I had bad oral hygiene. I went to a psychic fair,paid fifty bucks for a spirit animalI could have gotten from any carnyfor twenty dollars in darts and balloons. I bought a shave and a haircut on my birthday.I was twenty five and learned Capone had big eyes,playboys never... Continue Reading →

To the Laureate

Such applause — the revelation,the confession — the renamingof Betelguese as a wife’s black eye. Would that I spelled my name proper,that I, once told and brief forgottencould achieve such bandaleered laurels, as to divest with certain and grimexposition, the foibles — the guts of it —capered and rinsed, full well knowing the paintthat hides... Continue Reading →

Chapter One

So many tales beginin an alley, perhaps,in the rain. A plump ratembarks on a foray, havingplumbed the stink pit of a dumpster,the color of which isindistinguishable from the surrounding brick,puddles, stripped sky, the narrow tube —all that you would expect to findin a tale that beginswith a night, with an alley,with a dumpster, with a... Continue Reading →

We still hear water fall, round, after dreaming

When every sound is mere mechanic,when every bird is musicbox —muscular with plucked brass tines… When a wooden doglifts a smoke to my fingers,loaded,pre-sentry, then,the fridge becomes winter,and the fog rolls rotary from abottom mount freezer —becomes haze and low beam. Then, then,in the scuffleof slippers in the brush on a tooth — startledand vague,small... Continue Reading →

The Upstairs Window

I am the dim lightin the upstairs roombehind the curtain. I am not the shadowpassed before it,nor the shadethat funnels it down. No — I am the lurethat tempts a haunting. I am the quarteryou hid in your shoe,the dollar you stolefrom her purse. I am lie and smallbetrayal. I amthe day she walkedaway from... Continue Reading →

Now, in Delirium

A note,scribbled in deliriumtells more than a pottered trope. So, here, in a moment of tyranny,I will say, and with all fervententropy, that I am dying. I cannot take your hand,your breath, your sorrow, I cannot stand on a wispof love, like some greatSlambini, born to the rope,born to the pole. If you need a... Continue Reading →

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