I’ve no such use for new knees,those new titanium knees.They weren’t there, in the garden,planting our first seeds, gravel pockedand stinging. They weren’t thereto scrub stains from the floorboards.They never lowered me gently into grief. Those are not the knees of a boyon a beach, new to sand, water,and the hard wash of tide -not... Continue Reading →


Is this how stone hears rain?What an odd question to pose.But there it is: Is thisHow stoneHears rain? For now, today,this moment,this hour,this house.this body,this grain, Sits, As raindrapes over the eavesand runs hollowon stucco. And in this place,at the center of all things,where each stone is a stoneunyielding, Rain is rain,rock is rock,and one... Continue Reading →

The Bath

So buoyant, the bath, the salts,the uncreaked bones, the knoband socket, like that blasé afternoonwith its shallow sun and lotions,with its plinkos and tokens -that cool and wayward drifton a raft, chest to the sky,when the chatter fell,when the tide rolled in,and heaved me upon the sharp edge of the beach,and left me there, thrown... Continue Reading →

Once the Pagans of Patapsco Wood

We laid snake bone by the rootsof the four trees fused at the waist. We dug tourmaline in the creekbed,dry that time of year and every yearbetween honeysuckle loam and wood rot. We sniffed skunk weed from the pitwhere the freakshow gathered and blazedup a bonfire tacked of pith and reeds,quick lit and soon extinguished.... Continue Reading →

Dear Father – a prayer

Dear Father,May I ask that I come not to the anvilas a hammer, but as steel,red from the furnace, young to the sledge. It is not for meto strike a peen and shapea hinge or shear a blade,the greater share of spark dismayed. Rather, let me bendbeneath the blows that turn me,let me curl about... Continue Reading →


Night prowlers got big eyes,ears that turn like dishescatching on some radio sign -distress or misstep on a twig. I woke to the garbled rageof cats in a thrashover borders or a breached fence - vicious - like a bad sentencemisread as subject and objecttangle for dominion. I woke to a turf war,a scrap over... Continue Reading →

Shut-in with Dog

If I were a sunlit dog,I’d bask in the road,eat from your can,shit on your porch. If I were a sunlit dog,I’d be feral as cats,wily as ‘coons -the mouse that chews your cables. I’d be the aphids killing your roses,and the black ants herding them there. I’d be the deer, the pheasant,the skunk, and... Continue Reading →

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