Underneath the Radiator

Lumbricus Rubellus,
or perhaps a finishing nail, 6d –
I can’t tell from here,
with these glasses –
old ‘scripts – old eyes –
shallowing focus.

But, it is there,
below the radiator,
and the radiator is pink.
It is there in dust – on pine
floorboards – unmoving –
shriveled in drought
in the first case – bent,
rusted and useless
in the latter.

Either way – it is death
below the radiator,
and whether a nail
or an earthworm,
I am loath to name it.

Image: Keith Misner on Unsplash

13 Thoughts

  1. You nailed it! 😆 sorry couldn’t resist.

    Seriously though a really wonderful poem that demands a few reads to keep uncovering the layers. Really well done and thank you for sharing it!

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