Away My Love

Come away.Come away and slurinto hovelling gray,away from the heatshummed low – away. Come, let us carrythis mute owl nightfar from burgeoning day –away – far from the furyof gospel – far –far from the scurryof commerce – away, Into some bold and barrenmoon scraped glen,smoothed with teeth and talonand then, away – awayinto the […]

The Many Ways To Describe A Wife

She the better part of a Thursday. She the sag wire and the juice run through it –she every porchlight, every red dot speckleon screens too big and sleeps too small. She the snooze alarm. She the copper Chardonnayon the back of my tonguelapping at some old kidney stone –some plump liver soon to rust.She […]

Know Me

I am Collapse –The stones and bones of a once high tower,The backs of those that raised it, arrogantTo the sun, and I am the fist that crushed it. I am the rain that drops a mountain,The wind that strips the leaves –The tones of dead languageMuted by disease. I am the slow sprung seam […]

Now You Deign To Flicker

Polaris – you bastard – all that spinsresists you now. All that walksshall ne’er look to seek you tuckedbehind a maple sway. None that walkwill look upon the sky in harsh moonlightand cry, “Polaris, Oh, Polaris – where are you?Tether me thus that I shall not lose my way.” And yet you sit there – […]

Underneath the Radiator

Lumbricus Rubellus,or perhaps a finishing nail, 6d –I can’t tell from here,with these glasses –old ‘scripts – old eyes –shallowing focus. But, it is there,below the radiator,and the radiator is pink.It is there in dust – on pinefloorboards – unmoving –shriveled in droughtin the first case – bent,rusted and uselessin the latter. Either way – […]

Because First I Found Your Eyes

If I had taken your handbefore finding your eyes;if I had traced the chippedrounds of your nails,and slid there – downto the calloused pads;if I had awakened a papercut, austere in the burdensof your fingers, would youhave recoiled, thought me –Fresh, unbounded, soiled? I would assumethat if I had mappedthe circuit of your toilsbefore meeting […]

On Rogue Waves and Love

Oh these blind trajectories,these pure set conditions,initial, merry, just so wandered –a shell thus thrown, a plungedalbatross beak, a shearedstab of ice, a moon’s pulland a breath elastic – All these and a calculus,as crest to valley lumbersin its way – sine to sine –chopped though ever freeand unlapped after. Yes, that is how to […]