The Diminishing Dot

A Boeing occults Betelgeuse,red left and running,and an arrow loosedfinds not its mark.And in the green flickers,banked to a bull,some pink ears popand the belts stay locked. They’re always leaving,they in the vapors,they in the tubes,they strung betweenfutures and blues,plugged up in departuresand thus suspended,held there in grace –such grace – As Mercury crests the […]

Rise – a Waltz

Rise all you dead men and pound on your plots,Take to your saws and your fiddles, your pots;Take to your hammers and riddles and sighs;Bang out dirt music, pound the black skies. Dance with the vermin that scuttles the floor.Soft shoe the sand then cast up from the shore.Screech to deaf heaven the owl in […]

Portrait of Woman with Cigarette

The burn-end brushed her –She, in the dark – She and a faint orange arc –She in sleepless combustion paredto a lift, a breath – briefflared crescents of cheek, nostril,hunched shoulder wanes,and her fingers coiledon a thought that sparks orangein her eye, before the ember fades,sags down to a slow still blazebetween knuckles and long […]

The Black Marble

Once, in the attic,a marble – black as holes –rolled to me – came to reston the floorboards –below the rafters –cathedral and coarse. Once, in the attic,among the dustlightand distended grilleswhere I stood, a marblerolled to me – came to restin a joint, sprung from frostand heave. And once, in the attic,a man took […]

Folk Science – a Novelita

Steve had a blue tarp and two doe tags so we were certain that when he returned we would know. When he split down 425 in his late-model red Silverado, the mud from last night’s rain gave way and the new ruts stretched over the rise as dawn broke. Nothing to do but wait – […]

Of Will and Circumstance

I am the spawn of an unused condomon a bedside table and a briefdisregard for outcome.I would not call it love. No. And there it is – I am – convulsedinto some cold gloved handsand thence pampered, moldedand slow mouldering – kneadedas dough – risen as a loafof will and long odds. And what greater […]