No Never Alone

For what, then, do we trod
The husks of dead men,
And for whom?
Is it the trinkets improved?
For we are no larger than the beast –
And there the judgement – the beast
That fashioned the first spade,
Turned the first soil,
Laid the first seed,
Sure in the touch
Of sun, water and repercussion.
No, perhaps diminished, reduced
Upon that self-same soil,
To seek, beyond the seed,
Beyond the shoot and bloom,
Beyond the very grain of dulling truth
That all is not forsaken.

I tell you this.
Bone has fashioned socket.
And in that socket – an eye.
And in that eye, and in those eyes
Each a burden falls.
Look not to the lover or fool, fair prince,
But gaze upon the beggar
And find there inheritance –
Find there, centered in the iris,
The black pool of our communion.

And no greater is the elm
Than the hand.
For the one that prospers light to soil
Is the same as that which turns it,
Is the same as that which yearns
Beyond the follies,
But takes one into another –
Cupped and held –
Flesh over bone –
Calloused but braced by the other,
Alone, no, never alone.

Image: Simon Wijers on Unsplash

7 Thoughts

  1. Spectacular! The intensity grows line by line, a fantastic build-up which culminates in these three simple but poerful words. You wrote an entire universe, here! What a gorgeous crescendo! That penultimate verse I find particularly brilliant, so inspired and inspiring! Kudos!


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