For A Day Not Yet Come

I’ll send daisies
because they’re already dead,
bias cut for a few
last capillary pulls
of aspirin-tinged water –
soon to cataract, milky
in a lead

These are no “love me’s” or
“Love me nots”.
These are from he who knows
not love, but beauty – decay.

My darling little Aster,
this is the day of your death,
another year counted,
backward from a birth,
as each petal falls as love,
as paper,
as dust,
onto your dining

Pull deep these gathered Springs
there, pull deep the wisp
of meadows once dreamt
soft beneath your feet,
and gaze into the yellow eye
about which all these

Think not me grim my darling.
Think not me cold and thin.
I am nothing but a florist –
the florist birthed within.

Image: Colter Olmstead on Unsplash

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