For A Day Not Yet Come

I’ll send daisiesbecause they’re already dead,bias cut for a fewlast capillary pullsof aspirin-tinged water –soon to cataract, milkyin a leadcrystalvase. These are no “love me’s” or“Love me nots”.These are from he who knowsnot love, but beauty – decay. My darling little Aster,this is the day of your death,another year counted,backward from a birth,as each petal […]

The Sojourners

I dream houses.I dream small roomsbehind small doorsin which small wardrobeslead nowhere but trappingsof our mangled time –of yours and mine. I dream chimney fires,tongues between wallsand curtains hung like tar.We were never longin the vapors, strangers yes,but a lope of gray shoulderand a turning was you, I am sure,everturning and blue. I find you […]

Small Fishes

I saw a picture of you today,that crow’s foot smile, your eyesblue behind wisps of bang,arm around his shoulder,same old still,and I felt nothing. But then again,I was small fish to fry,and you laughed and said no,you are a whale and went awaythat Tiananmen spring. And there was fear in your voice,strung out, evacuated, long […]