To become fluentIs to walk with the handsThe resilience of starchDried on the steep slope of the bowl.And what may seem cleanIs a trick of the eyeFor the residue of riceResists the towel and scrubAnd clings there,Known only to the fingersThat would seek this knowledgeAnd ignore the one thin hairAfloat in the soup, yesterday,As we... Continue Reading →

Snow and Wind and Ice

Come all ye winter brigands,Strip these tainted fairland woodsOf their baubles and wares.Take what plump fruits remainIn glistened fists and bind,Bind the spruce tightly -Such prideful beasts these trees. Come mock these captive summers,Taunt them white in the forest,White in the glade and fled,To the shrill and fluted wind,To crackling beats on wire and limb.Such... Continue Reading →

Once Upon the Belmont Rocks

It was something else entirely.It was not the ripped yellow t-shirtI pulled from between the bouldersWhere the lake met Chicago.It was not the penny or the wastedGull feather. Nor was it the child’s shoeThat no longer flickered as she ran.It was not the rusted corkscrew thatFaintly read Jackson Hole, Wyoming,By the gold and chipped cowboy,Tall... Continue Reading →

Diesel Incantation

Sun go down in boxcar blue Swing arm crank go down them dew Flash eye drag with horn and load Coupling break for sorra’ stowed Side dump slag and tank car hump Jag the night-black knuckle jump Jump the rise and run the moon Next town down be falling soon Loco Pilot spark them strikes... Continue Reading →

Which River To Cross

Which river to cross -The shallow brook of faith,Tepid in the slow run to God, orThat which drains into the oily pitsOf loss, tormented though aliveIn sure and certain combustion? Give me fire and hard current,Give me love and rounding stone,Give me rasping scale and snag,Jagged rapid bends,And the black swamp moccasinBite into my fat... Continue Reading →

For Once…

...Sleep conjured a small dogwith a granite eye, mats and mange,Three legs and a vagrant tongueThat hung from the left of its snout,A viscous drool that strung withoutShame, without breaking to the floor.And I, though broken in a dream,Shorn of hands,Less a body than a thought,Became a dream for a stone-eye dogWho rolled belly up... Continue Reading →

Cerebrum Mortuus

Smelted down,A pool of rendered gristle,Slick on the floor,That’s what a day leaves us, After the tethered heavesOf this most sought production,Blendered the dawn news,The hooved mews, cool dews,And all that smelled like gravy. A slump line to the drinkOf old business not attended,Piles as laundry, clean and otherwise,Crowding the table, the floor,And all the... Continue Reading →

The Scent of a Leaf

Allow there to be nothing.No words. No sound. No conjuredArrangements as string under boughs. Allow there at last one crescendoed silenceTo sing the sun elastic,To crack the black heel of nightAs a cymbal of loveAnd patient upheaval. The subduction of plate is silent,Much as the heart,Bent beneath the dull weightOf simply being breaks. We will... Continue Reading →

No Never Alone

For what, then, do we trodThe husks of dead men,And for whom?Is it the trinkets improved?For we are no larger than the beast -And there the judgement - the beastThat fashioned the first spade,Turned the first soil,Laid the first seed,Sure in the touchOf sun, water and repercussion.No, perhaps diminished, reducedUpon that self-same soil,To seek, beyond... Continue Reading →

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