Light Without Hands

If the sun rose without you,thin-lipped and petty,a day would slump over me,either frigid or thick-steamed. And no cool wind will pass the trees,And the sun, a mere mock of warmth,will tumble west that is sure,certain as rock in a dry creek bed. For what is a light without handsto hold it? And what is... Continue Reading →

Ocean City

Some dim tide strode the beach pelican, had quarters for eyes, and a gull's sense for scavenge. I found pearls under the boardwalk, but they were just butts and hunks of abalone caught up in the pushing. The skeeball racked out addicts like melamine and spent rubbers, but we were young then, not known for... Continue Reading →

Splattershot #4

On the face of it is a mountain. Below that, orange sinus. And in the long drip of it, down to the lip of it, a snot thing crawls. But I took it on the chin, lurching up to the clime where leaves resolve to needles, and the white cliffs fall like beetles in a... Continue Reading →

Of Dead Birds and Tongues

If I knew anything, like a dog's tail wags, like an iced wire sags, I would know a hard mouth stings. But there in the blaze of it, in that thick tongued moment, when your eyes glazed on a word, a dry twig snapped beneath a bird. And what fell there, what broke there, now... Continue Reading →

She In The Glass

She was crushed ice,great for chewing,bad for teeth. She found me thirsty and pica,down in the taps,bounced and fanged. And there she was, tall in the glass,clear in her gaps but cloudedwith lime in the hard stuff. Yea, she yielded to my jaw,ground her by the mouthful,but my throat only dried, dried that only a... Continue Reading →

The Watchmaker

No longer the measure mechanic, the setting lever and loosening coil. The need for fingers, precise, laying thin metals, tweezed gears and spring engineered in the knowledge of frictions, is gone and towered hands are still. What once was built entropic, cuffed about the wrists of us, this clutch wheel of grace and holding ring,... Continue Reading →

A Moment Assured

Up there, in the brevities and rifting cloud something lures my eyes. For this dog is a blacker black than a slip moon night, but here, on this morn, the dim prevails. And the bending of wet leaves beneath her paws wager green hope, but they're brown. I saw them yesterday. Yesterday, before the rain... Continue Reading →

And Just How Many

How many schisms does it take to change a light bulb, that gray irritant in the shade, that fray behind diffused glass, incandescent once, but burned, but burned out? Twist the screw, damn you, dare you take the damn thing out and pop it on the floor, such joyous crack, this glass ever thin, this... Continue Reading →


Cloud came no closer than that, but I tried. Emboldened and primate I tried. Scurried up the elm to bring night closer. But the limbs got thinner, thinner there and sapling. Shit, the stars are wounds, and the moon's a gaping. And what swoons below is a lark, a laugh and a flaking, like skin... Continue Reading →

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