Hyping Chaos in the Absence of News

Weathermen are pushing the storm. Nobody noteworthy died today. Eight to twelve on the Twins. Havoc on the plains and cancellations pending. No travel advised. The schools flaked out before the first wind blew, and the office is gutted parental. Milks are shoveled in carts, pricey waters too. Croutons got hoarded like hardtack, and only […]

Hard Weathers and Grime

What can I beg of tomorrow that hasn’t already been denied? Am I a cup in a hand, an avoided eye? If I yearned for a lung not shallowed with tar, would you grant it? I thought not, I’ve asked before. If I fought for one black minute to toss the shovels aside, to use […]

The White Forbiddance

Come winter the woods will forget my boots, Expunge my passage, deny me familiar, As if I never traveled there, climbed there The oaks, as low birches lurch among The poisons – ivy and sumac. And how is it that the sun finds blockage There, but not the muting snow, unbroken Over the bones of […]

Light Without Hands

If the sun rose without you,thin-lipped and petty,a day would slump over me,either frigid or thick-steamed. And no cool wind will pass the trees,And the sun, a mere mock of warmth,will tumble west that is sure,certain as rock in a dry creek bed. For what is a light without handsto hold it? And what is […]

Rendering a Dream #4 – a prose poem

Outside the house that’s never ours, down-slope and foundation, the faceless one in violet jacquard slid the stone away. And he was strong, by God, for he did it with a touch light as breath, light as fingernails and not a callous revealed a trade. Exposed and streak, some long and rodent thing, large as […]

Ocean City

Some dim tide strode the beach pelican, had quarters for eyes, and a gull’s sense for scavenge. I found pearls under the boardwalk, but they were just butts and hunks of abalone caught up in the pushing. The skeeball racked out addicts like melamine and spent rubbers, but we were young then, not known for […]

Splattershot #4

On the face of it is a mountain. Below that, orange sinus. And in the long drip of it, down to the lip of it, a snot thing crawls. But I took it on the chin, lurching up to the clime where leaves resolve to needles, and the white cliffs fall like beetles in a […]