Hard Weathers and Grime

What can I beg of tomorrow
that hasn’t already been denied?
Am I a cup in a hand, an avoided eye?

If I yearned for a lung not shallowed
with tar, would you grant it?
I thought not, I’ve asked before.

If I fought for one black minute
to toss the shovels aside,
to use my hands to dig,
to sift my own grave for riches,
would you give it?
I thought not, I’ve asked before.

And if I spit in your face,
take all the days unnumbered unto myself
and squander, would you take it?
I thought not, I’ve done it before.

I’ll meet you in the morning,
yes, we’ll face each other again.
But I’ll want nothing this time,
I’ll beg nothing but hard weathers
and grime. For that is all,
that is all you are want to give.

Image: Artem Maltsev on Unsplash

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