A Moment Assured

Up there, in the brevities
and rifting cloud something
lures my eyes.

For this dog is a blacker black
than a slip moon night, but here,
on this morn, the dim prevails.

And the bending of wet leaves
beneath her paws wager green hope,
but they’re brown. I saw them yesterday.

Yesterday, before the rain came winter,
before this “now the sea plops”
from a rust split gutter onto an ice pick.

But this is what wanders
when a blacker black dog
is hidden in black.

This is what wanders
when wet leaves mute her paws
and I wait – for her.

But up there, in the brevities
and rifting cloud allured,
a dust cuts the night briefly.

And briefly, so briefly,
there is a moment assured,
but uncertain as daybreak – is a dog, an I.

Image: Austin Human on Unsplash

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