The Long Familiar

You left hair in the tub,
toothpaste splatter on the mirror,
a wadded towel on the rod,
wet footprints on the floorboards
marking a stumble to the kitchen
where you guzzled milk
from the carton, there with
the door open, cold spilling
out like flumes to your feet –
and I loved it.

A sudden spasm raked,
raked your shoulders,
your torso, all caught
ecstatic at the mingling
of milk and hot bath blood.

Wearing your robe
like a prizefighter,
pink to the ring
and gearing up for a bout
that never comes –
now that’s the stuff
my sweet thug –
that’s the stuff of the long fight,
the long familiar,
the mustache I lick from your upper lip.

Image: Sebastian Pichler on Unsplash

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