The Hawk and Paper Airplanes

I’d sooner fold airplanes than hummingbirds,
crisp-crease the fuselage, blunt the nose
for mass and pulling, right tension the wing
for a bit curl and lift, turn up the rudder
with a pinch. This I can muster.

And though I can muster a glide depending,
I’ve never mastered the birds, never tried.

I spied a red-tail today, easy on the wind,
folding air not paper, folding a hunt
in tight turns, folding my flat paper ways
into a hummingbird still and lapping.

Image: Judith Browne on Unsplash

2 Thoughts

  1. Perfect symmetry of mind and eye, showing how the human hand can sculpt and invent, still far short of the wonder of natural flight. Very appealing to me Devon. I was only watching an eagle’s view with a mounted camera yesterday in Scotland. This was a nice accompaniment to it.

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